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  • Cashless Unattended Vending Machine Payment  POS Terminal Solution
    Cashless Unattended Vending Machine Payment POS Terminal Solution


    SFT Cashless Unattended Vending Machine Payment  POS Terminal Solution which could supercharge cashless payments through the  unattended SFT POS (UPT)     The SFT unattended Android terminal meets ever-change consumer needs, increases profitability, and shortens the turnaround and deployment time. With its extensive communications and payment acceptance, this future-proof vendi...

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  • ODM Multiple Function Mobile Bank Fingerprint Tablet Signature PAD
    ODM Multiple Function Mobile Bank Fingerprint Tablet Signature PAD


    SFT ODM department is deploying Multiple Function Mobile Bank Fingerprint Tablet Signature PAD to cater different bank requirements; In Domestic China, we have successfully deployed to Agriculture bank;China Merchant Bank etc;  The Signature pads have different configurations like RFID to read ID card, fingerprint sensor to do higher security authentication; contact IC Card; magnetic str...

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  • Feigete's Fingerprint Identification Platform (SmartFPI)
    Feigete's Fingerprint Identification Platform (SmartFPI)


    In-house developed with numerous mature applications-Feigete's fingerprint identification platform (SmartFPI) integrates fingerprint readers with network communication technology to authenticate trainee identity. Ensures proper resource distribution across schools -The system inventories the resources of the driver training schools beforehand and controls the number of trainees each school enrolls...

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  • Financial Mobile Banking Total Solution
    Financial Mobile Banking Total Solution


    Feigete has strong strategic partnership with Mobicash group in providing total financial banking solutions to banks, telecom operators and other financial instutions.  Mobicash group has been in Mobile banking field for over 10years and have long term relationship with banks and have done a lot of software and system integration work. Mobicash group is operating in over 7 countries all over ...

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  • Warehouse, Logistics and Courier Scanning Support
    Warehouse, Logistics and Courier Scanning Support


    Our handheld terminals widely used in fields of warehouse,logistic, chain store,courier, supermarket,health care,clothing inventory, pharmaceutical management etc Support different ways of data collection in everytime and everywhere, barcode and QR code scanning, RFID and NFC reading, 3G communications, Wifi, Bluetooth... Ergonomic, lightweight design ensures comfort in use Quick, easy scanning Pl...

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  • Fingerprint & face recognition
    Fingerprint & face recognition


    Nowadays, more and more institutions move away from having a physical presence, paper-based forms of identification,such as photo ID and signatures, gradually losing primacy; this is good news in terms of security point of view. Instead, they are being replaced by a variety of truly unique biometric identifiers. The fingerprint & face recognition system ingenious created new biometric revoluti...

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  • Public Affairs
    Public Affairs


    The handheld PDA & fingerprint scanner are equipped with Android system and diversified with wireless/bluetooth communication, The high-efficient devices can be widely used in many important fields such as policeman security inspection, parking management, bank identification, health care etc; The advantages of one-stop solutions fully improved our daily efficiencies, simplified our life in th...

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  • Financial Application Support
    Financial Application Support


    Everyone acknowledges that passwords are a weak link in enterprise security. You can lose them, share them, and crack them. Biometrics can strengthen legacy systems by adding an additional layer of security. Biometric data make every person unique – and this makes them highly secure. Firmly believe Biometric systems will be used for payment authentication in the foreseeable future. That means they...

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  • Ticket management
    Ticket management


    RFID smart card readers & 1D/2D barcode scanners can write/read integrated information in the joint-process identification smart tickets. It makes ticketing management much automatic and standardize; maximum improving the efficiency and service.

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  •  Mobivat-Realtime VAT Collection
    Mobivat-Realtime VAT Collection


    Mobivat-Realtime VAT Collection In all transactions in which VAT is due, the VAT componpent is automatically split from the payment at the point of payment or third party settlement facility. The VAT never reaches the marchant's bank account, removing the necessories of accounting for and submitting payment of the collected VAT at the end of a payment period. In business to business transactions, ...

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