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Feigete's Fingerprint Identification Platform (SmartFPI)


In-house developed with numerous mature applications-Feigete's fingerprint identification platform (SmartFPI) integrates fingerprint readers with network communication technology to authenticate trainee identity.

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Ensures proper resource distribution across schools -The system inventories the resources of the driver training schools beforehand and controls the number of trainees each school enrolls, so as to prevent schools from over-expanding. The system also allocates driver school resources based on how trainees make appointments for school cars.

Ensures trainee authenticity during physical examinations – Trainees need to have their fingerprint authenticated when they enroll at a school or receive their annual physical examination, so as to ensure that the enrolled person or the person taking a physical examination is the one whom he or she claims to be.

Enables remote login via fingerprint – Through this system, a trainee can securely complete a number of driver training tasks online. These include scheduling appointments to drive cars, viewing coaches’ training comments, inquiring about test scores, viewing school announcements, applying for withdrawal from the training course, and others. All this can be done from the trainee’s own home.

Confirms trainee identity for driving practice –Before a trainee gets in the car for driving practice, a fingerprint scan will ensure that the trainee is who he or she claims to be.

Here below are Feigete Biometric fingerprint identification device used in the fingerprint driving license management platform diagram.

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