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Feigete Intelligent Technology Co.,Limited (hereinafter referred to as “SFT”) was founded in 2004. Headquarted in Shenzhen,which is specializing in manufacturing and developing various terminals includingSmart fingerprint POS;Fingerprint RFID writers/readers (13.56 MHz for proximity or 840-960 MHz for long range);Fingerprint&Face Recognition time attendance;Wireless barcode scanners;Thermal printers;Industrial tablets etc smart devices.

SFT highly focuses on offering one-stop biometric solutions in ticket Management,Park ticketing,Transportation and Logistic,Barcode solution, Police Affairs,Attendance, Bank Teller Fingerprint identification,Identity etc.
Our products are widely applied in various fields,such as: mobile payment,banking sector,healthcare, supermarkets, logistics, transportation, business ticketing system, manufacturing industries, inventory, asset management and traceability, which have gained good reputation worldwide.

SFT Annual turnover is around 10 million U.S.Dollars.Main markets are South African,Uganda,Kenya,U.K,Germany,USA,UAE,India,Russian,Brazil,Nigeria,Indonisia,Pakistan and so on.

We are committed to becoming the global leading enterprise in one-stop biometric hardware terminals and solutions.We will be consistantly offers highest quality products and best after-sales services.


fingerprint biometric pos with printer in SA



Branch office in South African mainly operates BioMatch(TM) Brand, and offers technical supports and after sales services to African clients. Operational Office is located in First Floor of Sandton City,Johannesburg. With a professional IT team and services team, Biomatch is capable of problem sloving and offering any consultant services.






Answer all payment needs and meet the most demanding use cases.....





Biometric fingerprint POS Terminal


Biometric fingerprint POS Terminal

Mobile fingerprint solution answering the need for biometric authentication.
Everyone acknowledges that passwords are a weak link in enterprise security. You can lose them, share them, and crack them. Biometrics can strengthen legacy systems by adding an additional layer of security. With our technology, a company can deploy biometrics as a second factor or replace passwords altogether. Either way, you can now truly verify the identity of the end user.
Manage government ID schemes: attendance tracking, pension payments,voting.











Bluetooth Fingerprint NFC Reader


SF FB502 is a mini portable Bluetooth fingerprint-nfc reader with battery built-in, USB port for charging and data exchange. Its USB port could be connected with ATM-PC to be used as a fingerprint or NFC reader;
This device can convert your standard ATMs to Biometric based, either fingerprint or iris, ATM. Retro Fit Kit can be integrated with existing standard ATMs to make them more secure with fingerprint authentication technology.










Wireless Barcode Scanner

Wireless Barcode Scanner

And whether you need barcode scanning at your retail POS, at patient bedside, on the manufacturing production line or in the aisles of your warehouse, we have a scanner that's right for your environment and your application.

1. Ergonomic, lightweight design ensures comfort in use

2. Quick, easy scanning

3. Plug and play software ensures quick and easy connection to scanner



Wire Thermal Printer




Feigete highly focuses on offering one-stop biometric solutions in ticket Management, Park ticketing, Transportation and Logistics, Barcode solution, Police Affairs, Attendance, Bank Teller Fingerprint identification, Identity etc.
Our products are widely applied in various fields, such as: mobile payment, banking sector, healthcare, supermarkets, logistics, transportation, business ticketing system, manufacturing industries, inventory, asset management and traceability, which have gained good reputation worldwide.


Biometric terminals

Payment applications
Biometric data make every person unique – and this makes them highly secure. In our opinion, biometric systems will be used for payment authentication in the foreseeable future. That means they can replace a PIN number or signature.

Banking solutions
As financial institutions move away from having a physical presence, paper-based forms of identification, such as photo ID and signatures, are losing primacy. This is good news from a security point of view, owing to the notorious unreliability of these forms of evidence. It also removes the onus from staff to visually match up sets of signatures or a face with a photo. Instead, they are being replaced by a variety of truly unique biometric identifiers.

Retail terminals
Designed for the most demanding retail environments whilst accelerating check-out and improve consumer engagement.

Portable terminals
As global commerce evolves, banks & PSPs are looking for a new generation of payment solutions to meet the challenges faced by small merchants

Portable terminals are the best companion to support you in your business on the move, while opening the door to many new business applications, beyond payment. Pocket-sized portable terminals with the broadest connectivity capabilities to accept any payment methods on-the-go.

Healthcare / e-ID terminals
Fraud risk poses a very big challenge for the insurance sector and Medical Aid fraud is certainly a big problem and it contributes to the overall cost of healthcare.

By reducing medical identity theft, we help commercial health insurers, government health care agencies, as well as hospitals and health systems maintain trust by ensuring only authorized users gain access to personal health.

Government ID schemes:
Government agencies are increasingly adopting a range of biometric technologies to ¬minimize cyberthreats and streamline system access. Also ideal for pension payments, voting.

Time & Attendance Systems
Attendance tracking - biometric fingerprint scanner system offers your company the security of Fingerprint Recognition which means no more “buddy clocking” thereby saving you money!


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