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UVC Biometric Fingerprint Sterilizer for fingerprint scanners

2022-03-09 14:59:17

SFT has just released a new UVC Biometric Fingerprint Sterilizer for fingerprint scanner, UVC technology which sanitizes and kills up to 99.9% of harmful viruses and bacteria, ensuring that clients always feel safe when using contact-based fingerprint readers.

The UVC light at the correct dosage levels over the fingerprint device to kill almost all harmful bacteria and viruses that may be left behind after a user has applied their fingers to the readers platen. It has automated sanitizing capabilities, so you never have to worry whether the touched surfaces have been disinfected. It eliminates all human sanitizing intervention, offering users peace of mind and confidence that their applied fingers will not be contaminated once they touch the biometric fingerprint device.

The advantages of this UVC biometric fingerprint sterilizer are as below:

1. With SDK development kit, it is easy to integrate into the system;
2. With human body detection function to ensure personal safety;
3. Rapid disinfection can be completed in 30 seconds.

UVC biometric sterilizer for fingerprint scanner

Biometric fingerprint UVC sanitizer

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