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SFT One Palm Vein smart park access Control landed in Yungu Building

2021-12-03 15:10:54

Recently, SFT One Palm Vein smart park access solution was launched in the Yungu Industrial Park, using the industry’s advanced non-contact palm vein identification technology to customize intelligent access control and attendance solutions, and cooperate with Yungu to create a national-level smart product. City community.

Aiming at  Yungu’s intelligent upgrading and building, SFT has formulated a series of personalized solutions for the management and control of office access. SFT One Palm Vein smart park access solution relies on the self-developed palm vein recognition AI algorithm and intelligent recognition terminal. It takes "people, space, and time" as the three-dimensional goal, and integrates two application scenarios of personnel access and personnel attendance. One, complete access control equipment control and personnel access management through cloud services.

Palm Vein Time Attendance Access Control

Palm Vein Time Attendance Access Control

Palm Vein Access Control

Palm Vein Access Control in Parking to ensure high security

SFT non-contact palm vein recognition terminal products and systems have the characteristics of being operable, manageable, and customizable, which can fully meet the requirements of diversity, controllability, and efficiency in the construction of the park. SFT will continue to assist smart park projects across the country. Up to now, SFT Palm Vein series products have been implemented in multiple scenarios such as smart parks, smart communities, and smart rail transit across the country, and customized for multiple scenarios in various industries such as medical care, military, finance, education, and transportation. service.

Non contact Palm Vein scanner

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