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Partnership with Mobicash in mobile payment banking system


MobiCash is a financial transaction platform (banking and payment) and around it there are many opportunities to define and integrate value added services (VAS) like agent banking, money-remittance, merchant payment,social grants, salary bulk payment, e-commerce, lottery, micro-insurance, etickets,airtime, tax collection, etc… MobiCash solution offers a refreshing approach to mobile payment that overcomes the challenges of cashless payment by using multi-factor authentication mechanisms (Proxidata, NFC,Fingerprint and Voice biometric) technology. The resulting mobile payment platform provides a powerful set of tools for efficient, effective, secure, andaccessible banking and payment services. Feigete and Mobicash group have signed long term strategic partnership in handheld biometric nfc fingerprint devices, android fingerprint readers, RFID nfc readers, industrial barcode terminal etc

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