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Partners Mobicash Lauchches Mobispaza Focusing on Township by Using SF801


Partnership Mobicash Lauchches Mobispaza Focusing on Township by Using Feigete 3G Android Biometric Scanner model SF801

Mobicash spaza

Financial services firm MobiCash launched a new mobile platform focused on promoting business in the South Africa’s townships.

Dubbed MobiSpaza, MobiCash said the service is “an inclusive business tool that builds bridges between spaza sector stakeholders, such as private corporations, state owned entities, co-operatives and not for profit organisations, and the township communities they serve”.

The term “spaza” refers to a small unofficial store in a township, often based in a private house.

MobiCash said in a statement MobiSpaza was designed to create opportunities for businesses to operate successfully in townships, providing “sector-focused solutions” for solutions and processes driven by mobile payments and spaza banking.

Mobicash is using Feigete 3G android fingerprint device to promote this services in rurua areas.

The system includes a remote and proximity payment authentication mechanism for physical goods, and value added services including remittances.

In stores, there will also be built in features to maximise productivity, collective stock procurement, as well as social networking capabilities.

MobiCash South Africa COO Donald Mudenge said the ultimate goal of the service “is to make good and services more affordable and accessible in the townships while giving businesses reason to stay and grow”.


Mobicash is focusing in offering mobile payment solution and back end biometric servers. Feigete is mainly offering high quality and demand catering hardwares.

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