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New Arrival Portable Bluetooth A4 Paper Thermal Printer

2020-06-05 09:58:52

SFT just released a Portable Bluetooth A4 Paper Thermal Printer with 1200mAh battery built-in, pocket size, no worry about file printing any more in this covid-19 special period of students etc:

A.Student wrong question print
B. Photo printing (landscape, avatar, etc.)
C. Preschool education printing (English letters, image graffiti)
D.Business office printing (work notes, maps, drawings, etc.)
E. Insurance sales contract printing (various sales contract documents, etc.)
F. Delivery  Receipt printing (various receipts are printed at any time)
G. Wholesale and retailing receipt printing (docking various invoicing software)

A4 thermal printer

Pocket A4 paper printer

A performance video as below

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