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How Bluetooth Fingerprint Reader to work with Android Devices 2020-09-02 11:49:19

How a Fingerprint reader to work with android device to do authentication without any restriction on phone or tablet models? Here SFT team will give you some hints:


1) You may need a Bluetooth fingerprint reader which is Bluetooth 2.0+, for  different project, you may require different fingerprint capture pixels like 256*288 or 256*360 or even higher ,this wont affect the phone or tablet you may use.

2)You may need software developers to integrate the SDK or APIs of the readers into your software application. It will have the ability to do both on phone or the server authentication as well as capture images of the fingers.

3)A Bluetooth fingerprint reader would have battery built-in to enable you to take out or still have power to use while there is power off.

Below is a video to show you how it works. 

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